Oil and gas: our exploration and production operations

Projects in our company’s portfolio – we are sure that any task, even the most complex one is our cup of tea!

We develop innovative, efficient and sustainable exploration and production solutions that respond to our future energy challenges.

Our mission is to sustainably provide the world with the energy it needs.

Pipeline Services


Throughout all these years in the business, we've gotten an extensive experience when it comes to the construction of 2 in. to 60 in. pipelines. Our expertise includes…

Geoscience Research

At Gaspero Services, we always offer a complete range of services, from geoscience data collection and analytics to data management to geological and reservoir 3D.



Our natural resources engineering expertise has standards, best practices, processes and requirements much higher than the industry-standard ones...


When it comes to having the ability to access the best Liner Hangers, Drilling Bits, Production and Wellheads, we have an exclusive cooperation going on.

Well Management

Construction project management is essential. We're using the most time and iterations efficient life cycles methods for that.


Completions evolve to incorporate downhole sensors that measure flow properties, such as rate, pressure and gas-to-oil ratio. Completions help to achieve optimum production rates.

Competency Assessment

To verify the impact of the training, an assessment is repeated and compared to the initial assessment. We analyze gas sector to identify, assess and capture employee competencies.

Inspecting & Testing

Gaspero is a leading provider of Testing and Inspection services for all markets within the Oil, Gas & Chemicals industry.