Experience to innovation


We have spent countless hours working very closely with professional growers in multiple states and from around the world getting input about their economic and agronomic challenges. The ground-breaking products we present were developed as a specific response to these particular findings.


Experience to clarity


We carried these grower experiences forward to how we present our products and features on our website. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get an understanding of everything that might matter to you. The frequent use of engineering images is one such tool. It allows for more clarity than pictures and yet still says more than a thousand words.







Farmada President Daniel Rauchholz surveying rice terraces

Experienced performers


Our detailed biographies of our team members are another such item. The core team we have assembled has a proven 100 plus combined years of experience while also being one of the best in the agricultural equipment industry. We would never have started Farmada without getting this group of complementary performers together again. They are why Farmada exists today.


Experienced production


The manufacturing facilities in Salina, Kansas are state-of the art. Modern CNC machines, plasma and laser plate cutters, and even a laser tube cutter are used to prepare the raw materials that go into our product. We end it all with an agricultural industry standard powder coat paint finish.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We sincerely look forward to growing with you!



Daniel Rauchholz, President