Experienced Team


The core group of team members at Farmada consists of six people with over 100 years of engineering design, manufacturing, fabrication, operations management, purchasing, service & sales and marketing experience. The entire core group obtained this experience while working with one another for Great Plains Manufacturing, Incorporated during the time Great Plains enjoyed one of the best growth spurts in the agricultural implement sector.

The team will be mentioned in alphabetical order, followed by a few words about the founder Daniel Rauchholz:

Oftentimes farmers or dealers hesitate to share product development ideas thinking they are the only one with this idea or that their sales volume is too small. It is not uncommon for people to think this yet we encourage you to share your ideas.  

Farming is your full time profession. You are the one with the experience about current issues and foresight about future needs. When we add your experience and vision together with requests from other regions or countries, we attain enough solid data to justify full scale investigation into developing sustainable solutions!

We will be happy to hear your thoughts and assess the feasibility. Simply email the request to info@farmada.net along with your contact details.

Farmada exists precisely because we listened to farmers request for a better fertilizer application bar!

The Farmada name combines the word “Farm” and “Armada”. The English word “Farm” is known throughout the world and has the same meaning regardless of language. The Spanish origin word “Armada” is also known in multiple languages and cultures. Originally it referred to the Spanish fleet of ships. In modern times “Armada” can be referred to as a “large fleet of moving things”.  Together these words imply Farmada is focusing on the fleet of farm implements needed to compete on a global level.