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To meet the growing worldwide demand for energy while preparing for the future.

Gaspero brings you over 60 years experience in the on and offshore oil and gas industry.

The mix of energy that provides heat, light and mobility for billions of people is shifting towards lower-carbon sources, driven by advances in technology and growing concerns about climate change. We’re determined to play our part in this transition – helping to meet the world’s need for more energy while also reducing carbon emissions.


Post War

In 1964 Gaspero opens its first service station. Within the next 10 years it rises to 3.8 million barrels per day - up from 740,000 in 1954 and 1.5 million in 1960. Two-thirds of refining is carried out in the USA and in mainland Europe.


Late century

Long lines at service stations, unheard-of fuel prices, power outages. Virtually everyone alive in the 1970s had some role to play, willing or not, in an unfortunate chapter in the story of global energy. During these years we faced repeated attempts to nationalize Gaspero.


The new millennium

With the new millennium came a new focus for the company - within the first five years it had changed its name to Gaspero, set its sights on newer assets and established an alternative and low-carbon energy business. Gaspero began implementation of a revised integrity management standard that would apply to every significant asset.


Heritage brands

The rich history of our heritage brands stretches far and wide. Gaspero starts a franchise and opens offices all around the world. At the moment we are the biggest producer of gas and oil in the USA with the huge exports to the UK and Western Europe.