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Elxir 40' toolbar


Plant nutrition and soil health go hand in hand. Individual crop physiology is also a science unto itself. The timing, amounts, and placement needs of nutrients differs greatly from crop to crop. Row spacings even differ from region to region. These are all just some variables farmers need to consider to achieve maximum economic yields. 


These differences mean one cannot approach plant nutrition and soil health with one “one size fits all” fertilizer approach.  Fertilizer bars and their row units have to be adaptable and flexible. They have to take the needs of the crop into account in each stage of growth and then place this fertilizer in the right amount in the right location.


The Elxir™ 40ft toolbar was designed for maximum adaptability and flexibility. It consists of two 4x6 inch bars. Each bar is row spacing independent to allow the operator to decide where he wants to place his fertilizer. We achieved this design by using the latest state of the art manufacturing process. Traditional toolbars almost exclusively allow row units to be fastened over the top with U-bolts. If there is a weldment or a hinge point, a separate frame is needed to accommodate the specific customer request. Farmada utilizes the sides of the tubes to mount row units where hinge points or weldments might interfere. The fasteners go through the tube rather than over it.


Soil conditions vary greatly. We therefore partnered with a renowned producer of row units. We can offer over 450 different knives for virtually any combination of liquid, dry or anhydrous fertilizer. Simultaneously we have various disk blade options to place liquid fertilizer.


To help every row place the fertilizer at the exact depth, the Elxir™ features a front gauge wheel on each wing section. The floating tongue lets the frame float front to back to adapt to dips and valleys in the direction of travel. The unique 15 degree down-flex features means the frame can bend downward 56 inches from the center section to the outside row unit. This is almost 5 feet down flex over a distance of roughly 15 feet so it will enable operators to contour along hills or terraces. Combined with the front gauge wheel on each wing section, the Elxir™ will ensure even working depth throughout the varying field topographies.

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