We are a product management, design, manufacturing, and farm implement consultancy company

Meet the Farmada team

Daniel Rauchholz, left    Mike McClure, right



Mike McClure


Our engineering manager Mr. Mike McClure retired from Great Plains Manufacturing, Incorporated in 2017. McClure served as Great Plains engineering manager/product development manager for several decades. Mike oversaw design, proto-type production, testing, and tooling for the agricultural division engineering department.


During his leadership his team succeeded in winning seventeen (17) AE 50 Awards for innovation ( while simultaneously developing one of the most comprehensive implement lines in the agricultural industry. McClure’s direction not only helped Great Plains grow in North America but adaptations of other sustainable global technologies lead to international success as well.

The Farmada name combines the word “Farm” and “Armada”. The English word “Farm” is known throughout the world and has the same meaning regardless of language. The Spanish origin word “Armada” is also known in multiple languages and cultures. Originally it referred to the Spanish fleet of ships. In modern times “Armada” can be referred to as a “large fleet of moving things”.  Together these words imply Farmada is focusing on the fleet of farm implements needed to compete on a global level.



Daniel Rauchholz

Our founder Daniel Rauchholz also hails from Great Plains. Rauchholz began working for Great Plains in 1998 when only standard US products were exported. Rauchholz took customer requests and requirements and worked with McClure to develop globally competitive solutions. The emphasis was on taking the best practices from around the world and blending them into new products that improved local farming results. One such product was a cultivator drill (this product featured 4 patents and was an AE 50 winner) developed for Europe which broke the 25 year old world record for highest barley yield (205.2 bushel per acre/13.8 tons/hectare).    

Rauchholz became export manager of the 3 person export department in 2002. In 2006 Great Plains won the prestigious “Governors Exporter of the Year” award for the State of Kansas. During his 18 year tenure at Great Plains,  Rauchholz sold to over 70 countries and set up distribution with consistent annual sales in over 30 countries. Great Plains soon established wholly owned subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine to sell and market Great Plains products while also ensuring top service support was given. Sales persons were soon added in Romania, Denmark and China while France and Germany had sales and service support.

In 2010 Rauchholz became President of the newly formed international division after Great Plains acquired the British farm implement producer Simba International. By 2013 the 3 person international division had grown to over 150 dedicated people in the US and around the world that were selling and supporting US and UK made implements.

Rauchholz stepped down from his role as President of Great Plains International in December, 2016 to take a leave of absence and spend more time with his family. His passion for working with farmers and dealers to identify market driven needs and offer solutions motivated him to create Farmada.

Often times farmers or dealers hesitate to share product development ideas thinking they are the only one with this idea or that their sales volume is too small. We welcome your ideas. It is not uncommon for people to think this yet when we add all the different requests from different areas together, we  attain enough market potential to justify full scale investigation or even actual market development. We ask that you don’t hesitate discussing your ideas or needs with us. We will be happy to assist in assessing the feasibility. No-one knows farming better than farmers! You were born to farm!